Safe Rail Communities’ Recommendations

It's becoming increasingly concerning that our federal government continues to tinker with a system that needs an overhaul

After years of research, Safe Rail Communities have identified the following reasonable recommendations to make the transportation of dangerous goods by rail safer:

1) Enhanced government oversight and regulation:

·       Establishment of a robust regulatory framework

·       Monitoring and enforcement of train speeds

·       Monitoring and enforcement of diesel fuel pollution impacts

2) Increased accountability and transparency:

·       Requirement of railways to hold unlimited liability and sufficient insurance to cover the full cost of a derailment in a densely populated area

·       Real-time data for First Responders

·       Publication of railway risk assessments, already provided to Transport Canada

3)   Independent Risk Analysis, with public reporting

4)  Implementation of mandatory rail safety technology (Positive Train Control,   Automated Track Inspection, Automated Rail Car Monitoring, Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes)

5)   A public inquiry into the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster

6)   Stabilization of volatile crude oil at point of departure

7)   Effective Tank Car Improvements