Faces of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy

Lac Mégantic Cries Help

Lac Mégantic Faces of the Disaster

In pictures: Mourning in Lac-Mégantic


Toronto Star

Hundreds of so-called ‘trespassers’ have been run over on Canada’s railways. The Transportation Safety Board has only investigated two September, 2018

John Tory and councillors press feds for tougher rail safety measures April, 2015

Cost of another rail catastrophe could outstrip compensation fund March, 2015

Toronto and Mississauga mayors want dangerous goods off their cities’ rail lines December, 2014

Risk assessments on dangerous goods travelling by rail won’t be released December, 2014

Rail carriers keep emergency response plans secret from residents November, 2014

GO Transit in the dark on details of dangerous goods shipments September, 2014

Battle over rail secrecy intensifies June, 2014

Shipping dangerous goods: Toronto mulls tougher rules for development along rail corridor May, 2014

Lax safety measures to blame for Lac-Mégantic tragedy, safety board says August, 2014

CBC News

Video: CBC Toronto- August 21 Toronto Derailment August, 2016

Podcast- SRC Fresh questions about rail safety      July, 2015

Video: CBC Investigative Report on Secretive Rail Safety Documents

Winnipeg Free Press

Alberta Crisis, Winnipeg Danger January, 2019

Report reveals crude oil shipment amounts March, 2019

global news

CP Rail trains derail in southeast Calgary (video) March, 2019

Advocates, industry experts call for stricter regulations following deadly B.C. train derailment (video) February, 2019

Aligning rail safety regulations with Americans’ is risky, short sighted: Opposition July, 2014

the conversation

With more oil to be shipped by rail, train derailments show enduring safety gaps February, 2019

the hill times

Oil by rail: Have the lessons of Lac-Mégantic been learned? February, 2016

the vancouver observer

Oil train trouble in Toronto: citizens demand answers  February, 2015


After Second Train Derailment, Ontario Town Worried It Could Be the Next Lac-Mégantic March, 2015

the annex gleaner

Inaction frustrates residents  May, 2015 

Risky rails? February, 2015

post City Toronto

 The amount of volatile oil shipped through Toronto by rail is soaring. Should we be worried?  August, 2016

More oil trains increase risk in midtown Toronto January, 2019


Communities want better communication protocol for train derailments January, 2017


Goldhawk fights back

Podcast- SRC on Goldhawk Feb. 23, 2015

Podcast-SRC on Goldhawk Dec. 11 2014

Podcast- SRC on Goldhawk Nov. 12 2014


Catalogue of Photos and Articles from across North America

Photos and Articles of Explosive Derailments Across North America


Podcast: Metro Morning- Matt Galloway/ Greg Gormick on August 21 Toronto derailment

CP track worker layoffs pose derailment risks: union

Ottawa will phase out oil transport in DOT-111 rail tank cars by November

Lac-Mégantic needs public inquiry over regulatory failures, CCPA says

The Toronto Star

Lac-Mégantic safety issues still cause for concern, watchdog says November, 2014


The Canadian Press

Tories Make Big Cuts To Transport Safety While Touting Safety November, 2014

Globe and Mail

TSB calls on Ottawa to toughen rules for oil trains April, 2017

Lax safety practises blamed for Lac Megantic Disaster August, 2014

winnipeg free press

Exhausted, sleep-deprived workers on trains in Manitoba, reports reveal January, 2019

Ottawa leaving shift length safety rules up to rail companies January, 2019

Derailment site flagged as trouble spot years ago March, 2019

Rail Safety Concerns Require Strict Oversight January, 2019

National Observer

Lac-Mégantic Cries for Help July, 2016

the national post

Will more pipelines stop oil trains and the growing risk of derailments? March, 2019

terrace standard

Liquid gas-by-rail

Is Terrace Prepared for a Rail Disaster January, 2019

Vopak Expects 240 liquid-by-rail cars Per Day September, 2018

Bruce Campbell: Lac-Mégantic is a failure in regulation. We're still failing. July, 2016

Montreal Gazette

Editorial: Rail safety in Canada is a long haul July, 2016

NW News Network

The Best Of A Worst Case Scenario: How Bad Could The Mosier Oil Train Spill Have Been? August, 2016

The Delta 5 Verdict Is In: Guilty and Not Guilty, But In the End No Jail Time for Blocking Oil Train

Delta 5 Verdict January, 2016

the hill times: Oil By Rail: Have the lessons of Lac-Mégantic been learned (by bruce campbell)

Oil by rail: Have the lessons of Lac-Mégantic been learned? February, 2016

national geographic

Illinois Village Leads Charge for Tougher Oil Train Rules January, 2014

the sacramental bee

Capitol Corridor passenger trains just got the biggest safety upgrade in a century December, 2018

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